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#JenniferSmith is one of the characters who has been missing from the television show General Hospital for a long time. She was one of the most prominent characters in the show. The last time we saw her on the show, she was a young nurse in the hospital. Her disappearance led viewers to speculate about the relationship between Jennifer and her boyfriend Valentin Cassadine.

Jennifer Smith's disappearance from the show

If you're a long-term fan of General Hospital, you may be wondering what happened to Jennifer Smith. The last time we saw her was at Luke Spencer's memorial. Luckily for us, she is back. This week, Jennifer will make an appearance at the Haunted Star.

It isn't hard to imagine that Jennifer is up to something dangerous. She claims that her father owns a property in the Northwest. And her brother is dead. But she also insists that he is connected to Kurt Markovic.

As we know, Jennifer's father is Frank Smith, a mob boss who ruled Port Chuck when it was in its glory days. It's possible that he could resurface after Jennifer returns.

Before she left, Jennifer and Luke were engaged. Their wedding was arranged by Jennifer's father. However, their marriage turned out to be a flop.

After her marriage, Jennifer had to deal with the fact that Laura Webber was jealous of her relationship with Luke. At one point, she told a fellow fan that Sonny Corinthos wouldn't expand to the West Coast.

Jennifer was also seen in French Polynesia. During the auction of the Ice Princess, she claimed to be looking for a diamond that she could sell to finance an attack on Port Charles.

She's now gone back to her old habits. She wants to use kidnapping to force marriages. That's how she swindled Luke and Laura.

Jennifer's return to General Hospital was unexpected. There have been many instances of Jennifer holding Luke at gunpoint. She threatened to kill Laura.

If you're a long-term General Hospital fan, you will remember Jennifer Smith. Her erratic appearances are likely due to her agenda.

Valentin Cassadine's relationship with Jennifer Smith

Valentin Cassadine was a new character who appeared recently on General Hospital. Fans have been curious about his background and his relationship with Anna Devane.

After he and Anna began dating, the two began to work together to get Peter back from the dead. Anna's suspicions are growing that Victor is behind the death of Luke Spencer.

However, Valentin knows that Anna isn't completely convinced. He has a secret he needs to reveal to her. This could cause problems in their romance.

Val is not a WSB agent. He's working as a double agent for Vic. But Vic needs someone to pin the death of Luke on. So, he might choose Anna.

The last time we saw Val, he was in a confrontation with Victor. Val suspected that Victor was trying to take control of the narrative surrounding Luke's death. If Val isn't willing to let Victor have control of his story, his loyalty to Anna may take a hit.

Valentin had been in a rehab for several months. He hoped to be recovered from his infection. A few weeks later, he returned to Port Charles. While there, he helped rescue Bailey Louise Jones. In fact, he had a jewelry bag with him.

When he was in French Polynesia, he flirted with Jennifer Smith. The WSB had a chance to catch him. They searched her safe. Despite Jennifer's attempts to keep quiet, a server revealed that Jennifer was with him.

When they reunite, they share an emotional reunion. It seems that their relationship has taken a turn for the worse. Their trust is breaking.

Now, he must tell her that he is in cahoots with Victor. Or he might end up losing her.

Luke Spencer's unconsummated marriage

There are plenty of soap opera fans who are still not over Luke Spencer's death. And many aren't impressed by the eulogy Tracy gave him at the memorial.

But there's another newcomer that could bring trouble to Port Charles. The General Hospital's Jennifer Smith (Holly Gagnier) is back to the small screen, and if you've been watching for the past two years, you may have noticed her return.

The Smith family is a storied line of mobsters, and Jennifer Smith is the head of the pack. She's also the daughter of a former mob boss, and her father died when she was young. Despite her ties to the shady side of town, she has managed to stay under the radar.

What'smore, she has the ego of a lion, so there's no telling what her agenda is. That's right, she's up to something quite big.

Despite all of her machinations, Jennifer has never actually consummated her marriage to Luke. They were engaged for a few months, and they even had a wedding, but it was a complete waste of time.

Soap fans have seen a lot of the old familiar on GH. Aside from Jennifer and Luke, there are Sonny, Scott, and Carly, and the trio haven't exactly gotten along lately.

One of the big storylines has been Jennifer's alleged scheme to steal Lucky. Of course, her claim isn't true. After all, she wasn't even the one holding Lucky.

Perhaps the most interesting part of her return is the fact that she may have learned from her past mistakes. Her family's problems may have stemmed from her failure to get over Luke, and she might be ready to give her father a second chance.

Luke and Laura's threatened to expose theft charges

If you've ever watched General Hospital, you probably know about Luke and Laura's wedding. It's one of the most memorable moments in television history. At the time, it was the highest-rated hour in the history of the show. Now, their marriage is still alive in the fictional town of Port Charles. However, it wasn't always a smooth ride.

A few years after their wedding, Luke and Laura remarried in Lila Quartermaine's rose garden. The ceremony was performed by Roy DiLucca, and was watched by 30 million viewers.

The wedding is a big deal in the soap world because of the huge audience it received. In fact, it's still the highest-rated hour in the history of American TV.

When it comes to seduction, the storyline between Laura and Luke is not without controversy. For one thing, the marriage isn't legally binding. What'smore, there are allegations that Luke may have raped his wife.

Luke and Laura were married on November 16, 1981. However, this didn't stop them from falling in love. They got married again eight years later, in 2001.

The twosome's marriage has seenmoreups and downs than the average couple. It also has been the subject of several rumors. Some have suggested that the romance was an elaborate ruse.

While it's unlikely Luke and Laura's marriage would survive, it's a well-known presence in the town of Port Charles. Their marriage has given rise to two children. One of them is named after Luke, while the other is based on his ex-wife, Laura.

Laura and Scotty's relationship is also a source of contention. Though he rejected her, she still considers him her husband.

Cyrus Renault

Cyrus Renault is a fictional character on the American TV series General Hospital. He first appeared on the show at the end of episode on February 5, 2020.

The actor portraying the character is Jeff Kober. Originally, he was played by Lisa Marie. However, she left the show multiple times. Eventually, it was revealed that her father was a real kidnapper.

Later on, Jennifer Smith would return to the canvas. She appeared in twenty episodes. She was also seen in French Polynesia in April. It is unknown how long she will return.

When Jennifer returned to the show, she portrayed the character sporadically. Although, she hasn't been on the show since Laura's visit to the federal penitentiary.

At the time, there were four-person DEA team involved in the bust. After a while, Cyrus found God.

In the episode, Laura and Tom didn't answer his questions about the relationship between Cyrus and Martin. Laura also blamed Cyrus for her daughter's injury.

On the other hand, Jordan agreed to tell everything to Curtis. As a result, she learned that the person who killed T.J. was framed for the crime. During the investigation, she learns that the person is Cyrus.

Cyrus wants to expand his business in Port Charles. His goal is to get Jordan Corinthos to get his brother, T.J., out of Pentonville. But, Cyrus has enemies in the city.

Some of the most important people in Port Charles are enemies of Cyrus. The mob is very active in the city.

Cyrus is also in a relationship with a woman named Laura Collins. Although, Cyrus didn't know that it was a relationship until Laura approached him. He also threatened to harm Harmony Miller.

Who Is General Hospital Jennifer Smith 2023 - FutureStarr.com? (2024)


Who plays Jennifer Smith on General Hospital? ›

Lisa Marie portrayed the character in 1979 and 1980, Roseanne Barr in 1994, and Sally Struthers in February 2002. The character returned in 2015 and then in 2022 played by Holly Gagnier.

Who is the new lady on General Hospital? ›

Daytime Emmy winner, Kate Mansi made her first appearance on yesterday's May 24th episode of General Hospital as the recast Kristina Corinthos-Davis. The former Days of our Lives star takes over the role from Lexi Ainsworth.

Who did Sally Struthers play on General Hospital? ›

sally Struthers is an American television actress and comedian, who portrayed Jennifer Smith in the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

Who played Luke's wife on General Hospital? ›

Luke's current wife Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) turned up at the door of his ex-wife Laura (Genie Francis) — whose coupledom with Luke sent “General Hospital” to its stratospheric heights in the early 1980s — to tell her the tragic news.

Is there a new actress playing Molly on General Hospital? ›

Who is playing Molly on General Hospital? In the wake of the accident, the daytime program moved ahead with a temporary recast. Holiday Mia Kriegel stepped into the role. She made her first appearance the week of May 22.

Did the actress who plays Sasha on General Hospital have her baby in real life? ›

General Hospital's Sofia Mattson is a mom of two! The actress, 33, who plays Sasha Gilmore on the ABC soap opera, welcomed her second baby with husband Thomas Payton, she revealed on Instagram Sunday. The couple welcomed a baby girl, born on Sunday, May 21, she shared, debuting her infant daughter on her own birthday.

Why is there a new actress playing Jordan on General Hospital? ›

Casting. On March 14, 2014, the role of Jordan Ashford was originated by actress Vinessa Antoine. After 4 years with the show, Antoine announced her departure on July 16, 2018. Antoine chose to leave the series after she was cast in the lead role of the upcoming Canadian drama Diggstown.

Who is the new actress playing Alexis on General Hospital? ›

Instead, she'll be temporarily replaced by actress Stephanie Erb. General Hospital confirmed to Soap Hub that the 58-year-old will make her debut on the show to fill in as Alexis over the next few days.

Are there any real life couples on General Hospital? ›

Michael Saucedo and Rebecca Herbst met on the set of General Hospital and were married in 2001. They have three children together.

What character is Cameron Mathison playing on General Hospital? ›

Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) is a vital part of General Hospital. Since the character's debut in 2014, Jason Morgan's (Steve Burton) twin brother has become a fan favorite. However, the newest incarnation of Drew is a turnoff for viewers.

Who is the autistic kid on General Hospital? ›

Their child in the show, Leo, is played by Easton Sweda, a young autistic actor.

Who is playing Monica on General Hospital? ›

Leslie Charleson is an American actress, best known for her role as Monica Quartermaine in the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

What was the most watched soap opera wedding? ›

Luke and Laura's November 17, 1981 wedding brought in 30 million viewers; it remains the highest rated soap opera episode in American daytime television history. Elizabeth Taylor made a cameo appearance during the event, and Princess Diana sent champagne.

Why was Luke written off General Hospital? ›

Geary told TVInsider.com that he was "weary of the grind and have been for 20 years. "There was a point after my back surgery last year where it became clear to me that my time is not infinite," he said.

Does Genie Francis have a daughter who is an actress? ›

Who is Chad Duell with in real life? ›

In January 2022, Duell revealed neither he nor Hope had "signed anything" and stated they were not "married or anything." In 2022, he began dating Luana Lucci. On March 6, 2023 the couple revealed on Instagram that they were expecting their first child.

Why was Monica recast on General Hospital? ›

In April 2018, it was announced that due to an injury Charleson sustained, the soap would temporarily recast the role of Monica to handle the advanced writing required for the character; Patty McCormack was announced as the temporary replacement of Charleson.

Why was Monica replaced on General Hospital? ›

Although some fans may be surprised to know that Charleson was actually a recast, taking over for actress Patsy Rahn, who played Monica from 1976-77! And in 2018, the role was temporarily recast with Patty McCormack due to Charleson suffering an injury.

How old is the actress who plays Molly on General Hospital? ›

The 24-year-old American actor, Haley Pullos is known for her role in the popular sitcom 'General Hospital'. Hailing from California, she made her acting debut as a child in the film, 'Careny Tales'. She also plays the role of Bella in The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia.


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